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Welcome to Badulla Central College

Today there are about 3500 students are studying at Badulla Central College under the guidance of 135 teachers. At present the principal of Badulla Central College is Mr.A.J.M.S.Pubudu Jayasinghe. The school provides many facilities to improve the knowledge of the students. The Information and Communication Technology Unit, Bio Science and Physical Science Unit, Physical Education Unit, Library Unit, Commerce Unit, Art Unit are some of them. Under the guidance of the present Principal Mr.A.J.M.S.Pubudu Jayasinghe, the school twinkles as the best school in Uva Province and also the obedience of students upraise the glory of the school. In the future the school will be developed for the next generations and will be a leading school in Sri Lanka.

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Message from principal

Mr.A.J.M.S.Pubudu Jayasinghe


” The capital of the modern world is knowledge of information technology. We live in an era of information technology which has minimized the globe in to a small village. So no country can exlcude from this advanced global village and lead a secluded society. From 2014 onward Badulla Central College empowered and taking the challenge to face for the next generation of technology.”

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